Generator Repair
We do not simply sell and rent generators and engines


Our team of Highly-Qualified Technicians will ensure all gensets and equipment are maintained with regular services guaranteeing optimal performance and minimizing any downtime due to unforeseen circumstances.

Coastal power & equipment provides regular generator maintenance and repair on every type of generator. We offer preventive maintenance agreements, and on-time repairs. Not only do we service, maintain and repair generators in Houston, but we have contractors across Texas as well as the country to help with any generator need.

Power generators must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout the event of an outage. The best maintenance process is to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. Adhering to this schedule will ensure the best performance of your generator and worry-free operation in the unexpected even that it is needed to provide power.

Generator Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Prevent downtime, protect your business. Coastal Power & Equipment offers 24 hour emergency generator service and preventative maintenance programs for all makes of power generation and switchgear. We will provide your business with an extra measure of protection by offering complete, well-planned preventative maintenance tailored to your requirements and applied consistently site to site.

The Routine Generator Maintenance Procedures Are:

  • Check oil, and coolant levels, spark plugs and filters, and add or change what is needed.
  • Check fuel delivery system for leaks
  • Check air inlets and outlets
  • Check and clean battery cables
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Load bank testing


Our specialists from Coastal Power & Equipment take utmost care in providing the best service and maintenance all through the year. Our experts are well-versed in dealing with all kinds of generators, be it diesel or natural gas, and therefore, know the in and out systems involved. It helps in understanding the minute issues that need attention and help them deal with it immediately.