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Coastal Power & Equipment sell both used and new high-powered natural gas generators of 101-250kW power for industrial and commercial use. We deliver products across the United States and provide our customers with an option of choosing from the best products available with us at any time of the year.


Best Natural Gas Generators at a Comprehensive Price Range

Our natural gas generators of 101-250 kW capacity come with a guarantee of fewer emissions and high-power to provide an uninterrupted supply of energy to your industries. Any industry with a need for such high-powered generators would understand the need for a product which can give them support all through the year, 24/7. 

That is why our experts here at Coastal Power & Equipment thoroughly check and overview all the generators before they are delivered to our customers. Our generators come with the best performance and price guarantee from us.


Buy From Our Stock of Used and New Natural Gas Generators

We give our customers the choice of choosing from both new and used generators, according to our availability. Our stock inventories are put up for everyone to observe and decide before making the purchase. Apart from high efficiency and reliability in operation, our natural gas generators are low in their maintenance costs, making it a worthwhile purchase.

We have a wide range of options for our customers to pick from including Cummins, Kohler, and Waukesha, in the 101-250kW range. Pick from our large list of natural gas generators to enjoy uninterrupted service for a lifetime!


Sell or Purchase 101-250kw High-Powered Natural Gas Generators

If you have a query about generators, contact our in-house team of experts for best solutions. Our expert customer service team comprises of engineers and specialists who know the in and out of generator performances and engine specifications. Contact them anytime during or after purchase, to ensure you make a wise buy.

In case you have a used natural gas generator of 101-250kW and would like to replace it with a new one, we would be happy to help you! Check out our stock of new and used natural gas generators or call us for more details on them! We are here to help you with any generator related queries!

Current Stock Level

1992 Kohler 135 RZ2727 Stationary NG Unit 125kw...

1992 Kohler 135 RZ2727 Stationary NG Unit 125kw with 716 hours & Cummins G855 Engine
Current Stock Level

2012 Kohler Natural Gas Stationary Genset 128kw...

2012 Kohler Natural Gas Stationary Genset 128kw with low hours