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Coastal Power & Engineering offer quality and high-powered 0-100 kW natural gas generators for use at industrial and commercial establishments. Our generators come with a special guarantee of best performance reliability in its operations.


Tested And Popular Natural Gas Generators On Sale

We provide our customers with the choice of the best generators in the market. Our aim is to provide a generator which can help to make your work easier at the site. That is why we sell both used and new reliable and branded natural gas generators of 0-100 kW capacity.


Best Customer Service And After-Sale Options

In an endeavor to promote the selling and use of ‘prior-owned' products, we give our customers an option to either opt for a new or a used natural gas generator from our inventory. We also provide them with the ease of selling it back to us in case of necessity.


From the point of sale to after-service suggestions and service, our customer service team will be with you all along to make it a worthwhile purchase. We have a team of specialists who know the in and out of a natural gas generator of 0-100 kW capacity and would be happy to help our customers with any minor problems they face anytime during or after purchase.


Choose From The Wide Range Of Products

Natural gas generators are the soul of any industrial or commercial operations, and we understand that the requirements vary. That is why we provide several choices in the 0-100 kW natural gas generator to ensure every customer can pick the perfect match for their requirements.

Come and help us serve you better. Call us today for consultation, sale or purchase of any variety of natural gas generators.

Current Stock Level

CPE 2011 Cummins 85kw NG /217 hours / ship ready...

CPE 2011 Cummins 85kw NG 217 hours ship ready NG stationary unit
Current Stock Level

Cummins Onan 100kva/80kw NG Open Skid Unit...

Used Onan 100kva/80kw NG Open Skid Unit Generator Set with 3,901 Miles.
Current Stock Level

NG Onan Cummins 70 GGHF185519 80kw Natural Gas...

Used 2008 Onan Cummins 70 GGHF185519 80kW Natural Gas Generator Set with 172.9 Miles.
Current Stock Level

Onan Cummins WSG-1068 70kW Natural Gas Generator...

Used 2008 Onan Cummins WSG-1068 70kW Natural Gas Generator Set with Ford WSG-1068 Engine and 172.9...