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Be Prepared For Bad Weather With Generators

Winter of 2016-17 Verifies The Need For Backup Generators

To prevent weather-related disaster at your business, it is important to select a generator with enough capability to continue your essential functions. When you are considering a generator, Houston-based Coastal Power and Equipment can help you evaluate your needs wherever you are located and then provide you with a new or used generator to do the job. For information, stop by our Houston location, call us at 281-962-1023, or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

As the winter of 2016-17 progresses, bad weather has led to widespread power outages. While some service disruptions resulted from heavy snow accumulations, frigid temperatures, wind, flooding, and ice accumulations have impacted many areas of the country. Power outages are costly to businesses which makes it necessary for any smart business to proactively plan ahead for their power needs during weather emergencies by having an effective system of backup generators.

Weather Problems Of Winter 2017

Beginning January 9th, a cross-country winter storm known as Jupiter blasted the Pacific Northwest with snow and then by January 14-15, moved across the Plains to fell trees and down power lines in the Texas panhandle, northwest Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska a few days later. It then dumped ice and snow throughout the Upper Midwest and Northeast by January 16-18.

During the same time frame, even areas of the country that were spared the ice and snow had record rainstorms. The West Coast, Seattle, WA, Washington, DC, and parts of Florida were cascaded with rain. Houston, TX experienced flooding that left standing water on highways.

As the U.S. dug out or dried off, heavy snows fell in Europe, multiple earthquakes struck Italy, and heavy fog enveloped India.

Crippling Effects On Business

These traumatic weather events impacted businesses everywhere. For example, in Lake Tahoe and other regions of the Sierra Mountains, record snows that measured almost 60 inches in Kingvale, CA and 80 inches in parts of the Sierra Nevada even closed resorts that depend on snowfall for their operation. Roads throughout the country were closed or impassable. While the impact of the storm lessened, businesses and consumers experienced closures due to weather throughout the country. These storms occurred within the first month of winter, so the winter of 2016-17 has gotten off to a ferocious start, with more crippling storms expected to come.

Preventing Business Disruption With Back Up Generators

While an average business is powerless to change the course of winter storms, having a standby generator that is powerful enough to continue necessary operations is crucial to withstanding the effects of bad weather. Even in extreme circumstances, such as resorts and roads closing amidst several feet of snow, generators can serve many crucial functions:

  • Prevent water pipes from freezing, which can result in costly damages if the pipes burst
  • Keep sump pumps operating to pull water from basements
  • Ensure continuity of communications
  • Prevent computer shut downs to avoid interruptions in data processing
  • Maintain constant temperature in computer rooms
  • Allow safe evacuation from buildings
  • Continue operation of heat, lights, and essential equipment