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What To Consider When Buying A Commercial Generator

Considerations In Buying A Standby Generator

When you are looking for a new or used generator that will do the job, Coastal Power and Equipment of Houston can supply the reliable unit you need for purchase or rent. For information or an assessment of your site, just call us at 281-962-1023 or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

Looking to buy a new or used standby generator to protect your company when the power grid is knocked out by weather or another emergency? Coastal Power and Equipment can help you assess your needs and provide you with a generator that will do the job. When shopping for a backup generator, what should you be looking for?


With Generators, Size Matters

Your first concern about a generator is whether it is big enough to meet your needs. Since the cost to purchase and run a large generator is high, most businesses make choices about what to prioritize in terms of energy usage. A series of smaller generators may be more cost-effective than a major unit. If your business is a hospital, cost comes second to saving lives, so you may need one or more large generators to do the job.

To determine the amount of generator power you need, you need to assess what is critical to keep operating in your business and then work with a consultant to determine the size and voltage of the unit you decide on.

You also want your generator to be reliable so that it will work every time you need it without fail. To keep your generator in excellent condition, you should arrange for an annual service call that includes load testing to verify that your generator starts up and operates at maximum power. For seamless operation, your generator should be equipped with automatic transfer switches that will move your system from grid power to generator power with minimal delay.

Making Your Generator A Good Neighbor

Your generator performs an important function, but the side effect is that it can be an unsightly nuisance to your neighbors. You want to generator to blend in with your property, rather than be an eyesore. For safety reasons, your unit might be mounted away from the building or on the roof. In either case, consider an enclosure in a color that will blend in with your building, along with landscaping to camouflage the unit.

Generators can be noisy, which makes them a nuisance to neighbors in residential and many commercial settings. You can reduce the noise and vibration factor from a generator by smart location of the unit and by implementing sound dampening measures during installation. To eliminate the aggravation from generator noise, you might limit generator operation to normal business hours when possible. This technique will obviously not work in a hospital setting, but might be appropriate for an 8-to-5 sales office.

Since generators often produce the exhaust, you will want to install a muffler or silencer to reduce some noise and also take precautions to prevent exhaust from entering the HVAC air intake.

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