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Coast Power & Equipment Supplies Data Centers

The modern world runs on electronic data. Virtually every industry is moving toward paperless systems to store records, while some, such as telecommunications, operate via systems stored on servers. Fast Internet conductivity is essential to every aspect of commerce; data centers operate nonstop to meet the needs of consumers and businesses of all types. Keeping data centers running requires continuous, steady power, so power interruptions are unacceptable. When the power spikes or goes out, the system may need a total restart and information is lost. To prevent system downtimes and loss of information in the process, generators are essential to keep data centers running regardless of the status of power from the grid.

Power Distribution Systems For Data Centers

As a backup to power supplied by utility companies, data centers have standby generators to provide power when their normal supply is interrupted. They typically have a power distribution system that includes automatic transfer switches to route the available power to switch gear that, in turn, sends the power throughout the system. An uninterrupted power supply or UPS that includes a battery bank, charger, and inverter completes the power distribution system in a data center.

IMG 8387A loss of power triggers a chain of events:

  • The UPS powers the security and data center.
  • When the emergency generator starts, the automatic transfer switch engages a backup generator to access emergency power.
  • The switch gear routes the power to critical and noncritical loads. A data center, security, and UPS are considered critical, while workstations and HVAC are noncritical.
  • Emergency generator powers the data center and security, while the UPS returns to normal operation.
  • After the power comes on, the automatic transfer switch routes the power to the utility and all functions, critical and noncritical, receive power from the utility.

Three-Phase Generators Ideal For Data Centers

Power distribution systems for data centers most often include three-phase generators. Modern data centers often include racks of over 60 blade servers, an increase from the past. Having this many servers increases the need for more amperage to handle all the plugs and sockets that connect them, which puts too much demand on single phase systems. Having a three-phase system:

  • Consolidates power distribution in one place, rather than requiring multiple distribution units.
  • Reduces the cost of cabling and installing it.
  • Fewer three-phase power distribution units required to power multiple racks of servers.
  • Is considered safer to operate.

Coastal Power & Equipment Serves Data Centers

When looking for a three-phase generator to power your data center, Coastal Power and Equipment has the new and used equipment you need for efficient, reliable power distribution. Based in Houston, we serve customers around the world.

Need to upgrade your current system? We buy used generators in any condition, or broker a sale for you, which allows you to have capital on hand to purchase what you need to meet your current requirements. For information, stop by our Houston location, call us at 281-962-1023, or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.