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Portable Generators Provide Power For Construction Sites

 Generators provide power for construction anywhere, anytime

Using Generators In The Construction Industry

Construction operations may take place in a location that is remote or that is not convenient to plugging into reliable power. Portable generators are commonly used to power equipment essential to the construction process.

Generators At Work On Construction Sites

Construction sites of all sizes use power tools such as drills, drivers, saws, compressors, air hammers, and other equipment that requires electricity. For projects that are done at night, such as road repair crews that work 24 hours a day, having access to continuous power is crucial. Not only do construction sites need power to operate of tools and machinery of all sizes, but they also need electricity for lighting the area.

In addition, on construction sites, there is often a trailer set up that the boss or administrator uses as an office and command post for the job. Architects, designers, and inspectors come by to work onsite. Individual workers might come into the trailer to discuss personnel matters. In addition to lighting, generator power make sure that phones, computers, fax machines, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and other electrically powered devices operate.

Having the proper generators on hand ensures continuous power when needed. While weather and other contingencies can throw a construction project off track, properly providing for power needs can eliminate the fear of outages that slow down the project. Completing projects on time is important for customer satisfaction and, in some cases; it prevents fines due to delays occur.

Determining The Size Generators You Need

Regardless of the size of the site, it is important to have generators that are properly rated for the tasks at hand. Typically, a contractor would need to do the math to figure out how much power equipment they will need in order to buy the right size generator. Equipment with a reactive load that use portable compressors might take 1,200 watts each to operate, but have a starting requirement of 1,500 watts, while a circular saw might use 1,400 watts to operate, with a 2,300 watt startup. Some types of lighting or portable drills that have resistive load capacities, which means you only have to consider their running wattage.

A smart contractor anticipates his needs and add at least 10% to his calculations to ensure enough power. Large commercial construction jobs that encompass a great area, such as highway repair, might require several generators.

Sales And Rental From Coastal Power & Equipment

While companies that do ongoing construction projects might prefer to own their own generator equipment, many companies benefit from rental equipment. Coastal Power & Equipment offers portable equipment of all types to meet the needs of any project. Even in cases where power from the grid is a viable option, having standby generators will prevent unplanned power issues.

Coastal Power & Equipment stocks new and used equipment for sale and rental nationwide. Just call us at 281-962-1023 or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website for our current offerings and information about financing and repair and maintenance programs for your equipment.