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The Importance Of Backup Generators For Schools

diesel generatorWhen the power goes out, whether it is due to a massive storm in the area or a localized event that knocks out power to a single street, having a backup generator can save the day. While most homeowners and even some small business will just grin and bear it until the power comes back on, schools need a source of accessible power at all times - especially during school hours when classrooms are full of children.

Why Backup Power Generators Are Essential In Schools

Elementary and secondary schools typically have fire alarms, phone systems, computer networks, and emergency lighting protected by a backup generator in case of a power outage. With a big enough standby generator, fueled by natural gas or diesel fuel, even heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, security, and elevator systems can continue to work. These capabilities allow a school to continue fully functioning until normal power is restored.

In times of power interruption, schools with generators for only emergency functions are forced to close down. When power loss occurs during the day, children are already present in the buildings and coordinating with parents to pick their children up early can be a logistical nightmare. A generator that is capable of keeping the school fully powered can help the school stay in session until the end of the regularly scheduled day and even keep the facilities open for days to come if need be.

Powering The Greater Good

Having functional school buildings not only keeps children on track scholastically, but also allows the school to be a rallying point for the community in case of widespread storm-related problems. Schools that are warm and safe might be shelters or feeding stations for people displaced from their homes. So long as fuel is available, a generator can run indefinitely, so even in the case of a widespread disaster, schools can continue to function.

When you are talking about colleges and universities, the need for backup generators are even broader. Often, aside from the needs shared by all schools, they have chemistry labs, medical laboratories, and research facilities that need to keep their samples at a constant temperature. Temperature interruptions or fluctuations can ruin years of research.

Buy With Confidence

At Coastal Power & Equipment, we specialize in matching generators of the right size and fuel requirements with the right customer. Our engineers will work with you to evaluate your situation to determine whether you need basic emergency lighting and communications backup, or a higher capacity generator that can handle climate control as well. Depending on the nearby availability of fuel to run the generator, we will help you find the best type of natural gas generator or diesel generator to meet your needs.

When you decide on the right generator, we will professionally install it and be on hand to service it as well. In the case of a problem, we can dispatch a certified technician to your site day or night to get you up and running.

We Rent Or Lease New And Used Generators

Not ready to purchase a costly generator system? Coastal Power & Equipment also provides leased and rental units to schools. If your school has the funding for a pilot program, you can test a generator and then complete the purchase when you have permanent funding.

Coastal Power & Equipment carries or has access to all the major brands of generators including Caterpillar, Generac, Cummins, EDM, and more. We offer financing to make purchasing feasible and even offer certified, used generators to further reduce costs.

We Buy Back Your Unneeded Generators

If you currently have a generator that no longer meets your needs, Coastal Power and Equipment will buy it back from you at any time. We are always in the market for used generators, whether they are in good working order or not, and will pay you top dollar in order to add them to our stock.

When your school district is considering the purchase of a new or used generator, just call us at 281-962-1023 or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.