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Is Your Generator Sufficient For Your Growing Or Changing Business?

35-1 thumbIf Your Business Is Growing Or Changing, Your Generator Needs Might Change, Too

Change is a fact of life. As your business grows and expands, fluctuates with the economy and internal pressures, and even shifts its focus, so does your need for backup power to ensure business continuity.

What served you well when you had one building with limited operations will be inadequate once you've expanded to multiple buildings where you run two or three shifts of workers. On the other hand, if you have tightened up your operations, moved some of them to another location, or discontinued certain functions, you may have equipment that does not match your current needs. In either case, Coastal Power & Equipment can help.

Who Uses Generators?

A generator that is right for you will work with your three-phase power distribution systems and a step down transformer to provide the right amount of power for your company, regardless of industry. Some of the types of clients that rely on Coastal Power & Equipment include:

  • Churches
  • Construction companies
  • Drilling contractors
  • Generator dealers factories
  • Hospitals
  • Mining
  • Power rental companie
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Marinas
  • Refineries
  • Schools
  • Utilities


Upgrade Your Generators As Your Needs Change

A generator is a costly capital investment that ties up funds you could use elsewhere if it is no longer needed. Or, because you buy it to meet certain needs, you may find yourself with a power source that is inadequate. We not only rent, lease, and sell generators of all brands, sizes, and capacities, but we also accept used generators in trade and buy them outright.

Our used generator inventory is important to our present and future customers at Coastal Power & Equipment. While we can always order new equipment from any manufacturer, many customers prefer the value offered by a used generator. This type of equipment, if properly maintained, has a long lifespan. After evaluating and, if necessary, refurbishing your unit, we can place it in our stock of used equipment, where it will be a perfect match for another business.

Let Us Help You Evaluate Your Business's Generator Needs

If you have a generator you no longer need or have one that needs to be swapped for one that is a better match for you, just call Coastal Power & Equipment to start the discussion. We will dispatch a trained professional to your location to evaluate your current needs and gather the information on your existing generator equipment. We will quote you a fair price or trade-in value on your current generator, as well as suggest equipment that will best meet your new needs.

To ensure your generators keep up with your changing business needs, just call us at 281-962-1023 or check our website for more information.

The Importance Of Backup Generators For Schools

diesel generatorWhen the power goes out, whether it is due to a massive storm in the area or a localized event that knocks out power to a single street, having a backup generator can save the day. While most homeowners and even some small business will just grin and bear it until the power comes back on, schools need a source of accessible power at all times - especially during school hours when classrooms are full of children.

Why Backup Power Generators Are Essential In Schools

Elementary and secondary schools typically have fire alarms, phone systems, computer networks, and emergency lighting protected by a backup generator in case of a power outage. With a big enough standby generator, fueled by natural gas or diesel fuel, even heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, security, and elevator systems can continue to work. These capabilities allow a school to continue fully functioning until normal power is restored.

In times of power interruption, schools with generators for only emergency functions are forced to close down. When power loss occurs during the day, children are already present in the buildings and coordinating with parents to pick their children up early can be a logistical nightmare. A generator that is capable of keeping the school fully powered can help the school stay in session until the end of the regularly scheduled day and even keep the facilities open for days to come if need be.

Powering The Greater Good

Having functional school buildings not only keeps children on track scholastically, but also allows the school to be a rallying point for the community in case of widespread storm-related problems. Schools that are warm and safe might be shelters or feeding stations for people displaced from their homes. So long as fuel is available, a generator can run indefinitely, so even in the case of a widespread disaster, schools can continue to function.

When you are talking about colleges and universities, the need for backup generators are even broader. Often, aside from the needs shared by all schools, they have chemistry labs, medical laboratories, and research facilities that need to keep their samples at a constant temperature. Temperature interruptions or fluctuations can ruin years of research.

Buy With Confidence

At Coastal Power & Equipment, we specialize in matching generators of the right size and fuel requirements with the right customer. Our engineers will work with you to evaluate your situation to determine whether you need basic emergency lighting and communications backup, or a higher capacity generator that can handle climate control as well. Depending on the nearby availability of fuel to run the generator, we will help you find the best type of natural gas generator or diesel generator to meet your needs.

When you decide on the right generator, we will professionally install it and be on hand to service it as well. In the case of a problem, we can dispatch a certified technician to your site day or night to get you up and running.

We Rent Or Lease New And Used Generators

Not ready to purchase a costly generator system? Coastal Power & Equipment also provides leased and rental units to schools. If your school has the funding for a pilot program, you can test a generator and then complete the purchase when you have permanent funding.

Coastal Power & Equipment carries or has access to all the major brands of generators including Caterpillar, Generac, Cummins, EDM, and more. We offer financing to make purchasing feasible and even offer certified, used generators to further reduce costs.

We Buy Back Your Unneeded Generators

If you currently have a generator that no longer meets your needs, Coastal Power and Equipment will buy it back from you at any time. We are always in the market for used generators, whether they are in good working order or not, and will pay you top dollar in order to add them to our stock.

When your school district is considering the purchase of a new or used generator, just call us at 281-962-1023 or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

Choosing A Generator For Your Business's Emergency Backup Plan

diesel bigEvery business needs a preparedness plan to keep them functioning during emergencies when power is disrupted. Regardless of what good or service your business provides, you cannot afford interruptions from weather, natural disasters, or other situations out of your control. With the proper generator, you can operate your lights, heating and cooling system, electrical equipment, and much of the machinery that makes your business viable.

Assessing Your Risk

Businesses in any area of the country can be subjected to a freak storm, but some areas are at a higher risk for specific types of problems that lead to outages. Houston and other coastal areas, for example, are regularly at risk of power outages from tropical storms, while a business in Minnesota is at risk from winter storms and freezing temperatures. Planning for backup power during these scenarios can allow your company to function seamlessly during an emergency or be up and running after a minor shutdown.

Coastal Power & Equipment engineers can help you select the best generator solution by posing some basic questions that comprise a power risk assessment:

  • How frequently is your area hit by power outages?
  • What is the usual cause of outages?
  • How long could your business be nonoperational without feeling any financial impact?
  • What functions does your building or enterprise need in order for your company to operate?
  • What type of fuel is available in your area and how expensive is it?


Finding The Right Generator

Based on the answers to these questions, your Coastal Power & Equipment representative can help determine what type of wattage and voltage ratings you need to provide power at a frequency of 60 Hz. In some small business situations, a portable backup generator might be satisfactory, but often a permanently installed standby unit (or a group of them) is required to provide the power you need, based on:

  • Your application
  • Required electrical load
  • Characteristics of electrical load ((kWe, kVa,var's, Harmonic Content)
  • Nonlinear Load
  • Temperature and altitude Factors For Outdoor Application
  • Emission regulations

Arranging For Professional Installation And Maintenance

Installing a generator requires considerable planning to determine the location on the plant grounds. Your fuel tank must be properly located away from the generator to prevent a fire hazard, and a permanent generator is usually placed on a concrete pad to avoid fire risk and is wired into the electrical system of your building through a generator transfer switch. This switch will sense when the power goes out, isolate emergency electrical wiring, send power to equipment from the normal power source, and transfer emergency power load. When the power comes back on, the process reverses.

To assure that the process works correctly, you should only entrust installation and maintenance of your generator to the professionals at Coastal Power & Equipment, who will install, test, and maintain it properly. Improperly installed or maintained generators can damage electrical equipment, be a fire hazard, and put nearby people and buildings at risk.

Shop Coastal Power & Equipment

Are you considering adding a generator to your backup business plan? If so, Coastal Power & Equipment offers both the expertise and equipment you need. We have an extensive stock of new and used generators to meet your emergency power needs. In addition, we have a generator maintenance program to keep your generator ready for action at any time. Along with preventative maintenance agreements we also offer 24/7 emergency generator service.

We Buy Used Generators And Welcome Your Trade In

Already have a generator and considering an upgrade? We not only take your old generators in trade, but we actively solicit opportunities to purchase used generators to add to our stock. Whether you have a natural gas generator, diesel generator, portable generator, generator ends, or any type of similar equipment, we will offer you a fair price for it.

At Coastal Power & Equipment, we welcome your questions and the opportunity to offer a quote on equipment needed in your emergency backup plan. Visit our website or call us at 281-962-1023 to get started.

Buy & Sell Used Portable Generators From Coastal Power & Equipment In Houston, TX

we buy and sell used portable generatorsDowntime is the mortal enemy of a small business. When the power is out for days or even hours, sales, marketing, production, shipping, and administration come to a halt, which means that productivity and profits do too. To prevent loss during power outages, a portable generator is a reasonable solution for most businesses and a necessity for others. Current pricing makes them affordable, especially when a portable generator manages to pay for itself in one use. Additionally, there is a booming rental market for industrial and commercial portable generators to serve you in case of emergency.

Who Needs A Portable Generator?

Portable generators play particularly important roles with smaller businesses who need continuity during bad weather or other events that disrupt the power. Any business needs power to light, heat, and cool the area so employees can continue to work, but many businesses have extended needs:

  • Businesses that provide Internet-based services to their salesforce or customers
  • Restaurants and businesses dependent on refrigeration
  • Businesses that need electrical power outside
  • Businesses that utilize electronic cash registers and point-of-sale equipment

Virtually any small business is at risk without a source of backup power. As a business owner, you should carefully assess how long your business can survive without power and compare it to the frequency of power outages in your area. You may determine that you are safe taking your chances without a generator or that you need you need a temporary or permanent generator solution.

Planning For A Portable Generator

Rated by wattage, generators can accommodate all or part of your needs if they are the correct size. Most portable generators can accommodate a few pieces of equipment that plug directly into the unit; if you need more capacity, you might need a standby or permanent generator that is professionally installed.

The professionals at Coastal Power and Equipment can help you assess your power needs outlined in your emergency preparedness plan and determine the best type of generator to meet those needs. Even though a portable generator is not permanently wired into your electrical system, you should still check with an electrician who can determine what the electrical system of your building will accommodate.

We Sell New And Used Portable Generators

If you are considering buying or renting a new or used portable generator, Coastal Power and Equipment can help you determine the size and type of fuel that would work best for you. With a stock of new portable generators ranging in size from 20k W – 2000k W, Coastal Power can provide you with equipment that is inspected, load tested, and ready to go. We also sell used portable generators in the same capacity and are able to obtain one that is right for you from our network of contacts all across the country.

We Buy Used Portable Generators

If your needs have changed and you have a used portable generator for sale, we will make you an offer. We are always interested in increasing our stock of generators and will consider both working and nonworking equipment.

Portable Generator Rental

We also rent portable generators in the 20kW – 2000kW range at the best possible pricing.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need sales assistance for used generators or equipment, please call our Houston office at 281-962-1023.

Generators Help Gas stations Keep Pumping During Crises

Within the gas station industry, having a generator on hand in case of emergency is crucial. Stations are the last point in the oil and gas distribution chain for providing fuel to residential and commercial users. In times of a storm or other natural disaster, customers need access to gasoline in order to evacuate the area, contribute to the rescue effort, and even to power their own generators.

Natural Disasters Prompt New Regulations

In many states, particularly coastal states, laws are now in effect that mandate that some gas stations have back-up power generators installed to power the pumps and cash registers. States started to develop such laws after Hurricane Wilma caused over $20 billion in damage in Florida. Lines were long and disturbances broke out among angry drivers waiting in line for gas. Discussion started about whether all coastal states and others subject to natural disasters should have emergency measures such as required generators in place.

The proposed law in Florida specified that all stations built after July 1, 2006 must have generators installed, while existing gas stations located on major highways and evacuation routes had until July, 2007 to become compliant. The law that was finally passed does not mandate generator installation, but requires that pumps be generator-ready so that they can connect to generators.

After Hurricane Sandy, states such as New Jersey and New York explored similar legislation as drivers in some areas had to wait as long as eight hours to fill up their tanks. In New York City, only 35% of gas stations had electricity while few had backup generators.


Political Objections To Widespread Generator Installation

As in Florida, petroleum associations and gas station owners protested the proposed legislation due to the cost to station owners. Discussions noted that the need for back-up generators in the gas distribution industry is more widespread than just stations at the end of the distribution point. Many gas station owners complain that the generator requirements would create extra business cost for them, while noting that many other supplies were crucial after a disaster - not just gas. If gas stations were subject to generator requirements, grocery stores and home improvement stores that sold supplies should be subject to it as well.

The New York law ended up offering grants of up to $10,000 to cover the cost of wiring and up to $13,000 if a station owner decided to purchase a generator. Similar legal initiatives in New Jersey have resulted in many stations participating in the Retail Fuel Station grant program, a federal program to help retailers prepare for a storm. Today, 36 stations have generators, while an additional 107 have been approved to get generators but do not have them yet.

Take Action With Your Own Generator

If you own a gas station or other retail business, especially in a vulnerable area, having a back-up generator can be beneficial during a disaster. Installing one is a sound idea, especially since help is available to lessen the cost. If you work with a distributor such as Coastal Power and Equipment, you can better understand the options available to you and have access to the best in new and preowned generators. The company supplies generators to businesses all around the United States and provides financing. Just call us at 281-962-1023. For more details, visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.