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Powering The Healthcare Industry – Backup Power and Diesel Generators

Hospitals and the healthcare industry have to provide care no matter the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if the power goes out due to a general blackout or because of a hurricane, the lights have to stay on at the hospital. Especially in times of emergency, the ability for the healthcare industry to keep running on backup power is critical for providing services to sick and injured people.

Power generators for hospitals have to be available to run on a moment’s notice and last long enough for the power to come back on or to deliver more fuel for diesel generators.

What Needs To Run On Backup Power?

  • Automatic monitoring devices need to provide data to doctors and healthcare providers uninterrupted in real time.

  • Surgery and emergency rooms cannot lose power for an instant when a patient is in an operation.

  • Machines that provide oxygen, respiration, and other life-saving functions cannot stop running.

  • Communication devices have to be operational in order for hospitals to run effectively and safely. In addition, the healthcare industry has to be able to communicate with the outside world during an emergency.

The facilities in hospitals, such as elevators, lifts, and automatic doors, in order to move patients and equipment where it needs to go.

  • Computers and information technology resources have to be accessible as well in order to provide patient histories and generate health records even in the midst of an emergency.

Keeping Backup Power Ready To Run

While a homeowner can keep diesel generators in their garage and hope they work when the time comes, the healthcare industry has to perform routine maintenance and checks on their backup power generators. Reliability, ease of maintenance, and durability are key factors in any type of power generators to be deployed within hospitals. Engineered systems are designed to instantly provide power in the case of an outage.

Powering The Healthcare Industry – Backup Power and Diesel GeneratorsOutlasting A Blackout With Power Generators

Once a backup power system is running, it needs to stay running so long as a blackout continues. Industrial batteries can provide instant backup power when a blackout starts, but they won’t last long if a natural disaster has cut off power to an entire city. Diesel generators are the standard choice for long term power since they can be refueled relatively easily. Hospitals can receive a shipment of diesel fuel via truck even if power in a city is still out to ensure the diesel generators will continue to run. Even though the healthcare industry is usually the first place where the power is restored, that can still take days to happen in natural disasters.

The best backup power system for the healthcare industry has to be easy to maintain, provide instant power, and have the ability to outlast a blackout or natural disaster. For this reason, a system of overlapping backup power sources is employed, including industrial batteries, natural gas generators, and diesel generators. The backup power system is literally the difference between life and death in hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Weathering The Storm - Backup Power Generators During A Hurricane

We've seen how a hurricane like Sandy, Ike, or Katrina can cause widespread disruption and damage for homeowners and businesses. Backup power generators are your business's lifeline in the wake of a hurricane or other natural disaster. Having diesel generators or some other type of power generators allows you to keep your critical business functions running.

Nearly every business and industry can benefit from backup power generators, including:

  • Chemical manufacturers and refineries
  • Food and beverage production, bakeries, restaurants, and the food service industry
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Construction contractors, dredging, and drilling contractors
  • Engine and generator dealers plus power rental companies
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas companies and other utilities
  • Water treatment and marine
  • And many more


Why You Need Backup Power Generators - Protecting Your Investment

Even if your business is not directly hit by a hurricane, power will usually go out and stay out for multiple days. In that time, your assets can be at risk. This can be from a loss of climate control, refrigeration, computer and IT systems, or any other critical piece of equipment.

In the wake of a hurricane, having power to run a security system is crucial. Looting can be a problem after a bad storm as was seen after Katrina. A security system will help deter vandals and thieves from thinking they can steal from your business. Even keeping a few lights on when the rest of the neighborhood is dark will act as a deterrent.


Getting Back Up And Running After A Hurricane

Backup power generators are a huge asset for getting your business back up and running after a storm. Even before the power comes back on, you can work to repair damage and resume business functions. If you can be one of the first businesses running after a hurricane, you will be able to provide services to the needy before anyone else, helping to accelerate recovery for both the community and your business.

If you have suffered damage to your business after a hurricane, you might be waiting a while for an insurance adjuster and contractors. With backup power generators, you can do the critical repairs required to patch holes and protect your facilities. This is crucial to preventing further damage from the elements.

Staying In It For The Long Haul

Being able to weather a storm, (both literally like a hurricane and figuratively like a bad economy) is important for building a strong business. Your customers will appreciate your dedication and reliability since you use backup power generators to get your business running again. Imagine how grateful a community would be for a restaurant, hotel, or a gas station to have power when everyone else is in the dark. Being prepared for a hurricane is essential in building a reputation for reliability.

Diesel generators and other backup power generators are a vital investment for your company. Make sure to evaluate your backup power needs before a storm hits.

Backup Power For Commercial And Manufacturing Industries

industrial backup power

Emergency planning has become even more essential in the wake of the recent extreme weather events and super storms. An important lesson learned from these events is how vital the need for backup power really is for commercial and manufacturing industries. When large commercial and manufacturing plants shut down, not only do they lose potentially millions in revenue, but their goods and services are unable to reach customers in need.

Backup power is crucial for Houston's industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and construction
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Industrial farming
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Warehousing and distribution

Is your company ready for an emergency that knocks out power? Can you get back up and running safely? Will you be able to continue serving your customers and generating revenue?


Backup Power - Diesel Generators & Natural Gas Generators

Many industries have backup power for short duration interruptions in service. If a transformer blows and it takes a day to repair, many facilities can handle the power needs in that situation. What happens when power goes out across the state and it may be off for a week or more?

Diesel generators and natural gas generators are an effective solution for long term power needs. Commercial and manufacturing industries can keep a stock of fuel on site to ensure backup power for an extended period of time, and then take tanker deliveries of more fuel once roads have been cleared.

In the oil and gas industry, a natural gas source may be present on site. Such a facility could keep natural gas generators running indefinitely if necessary. A similar situation could apply to refineries and other petrochemical facilities.

Ensuring Safe Business Continuity

Backup power is crucial in order to ensure safe business continuity and operation. Not only does the facility have to continue to operate, but they must operate safely. Once critical safety systems, such as fire suppression systems, relief valves, plus system monitoring and alarms are working again, then production can resume.

The sooner the facility can be up and running, the sooner revenue generation can start. Plus, some industries are vital to restoring the entire community to normalcy. For instance, the energy industry ensures homeowners can continue to obtain fuel to power their home generators and vehicles.

Specific Commercial And Manufacturing Industries That Need Back Up Power

The Houston area is home to some major industries like the oil and gas, aerospace, petrochemical, and energy sectors. These industries are tied in with the entire national infrastructure and economy, and there are numerous applications for diesel generators and natural gas generators across these industries.

The oil and gas industry can use backup power for:

  • Gas compression
  • Well servicing
  • Workover rigs
  • Pressure relief systems

The energy sector has plenty of uses for backup power as well. Even though facilities can generate their own power, backup generators are used when the facility is shut down during an emergency whether it is planned or accidental.

Distribution facilities need power so they can get goods, supplies, food and fuel moving throughout the region.

Backup Power To Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Communication systems are critical for every industry. Backup power gives a business the ability to contact disaster relief resources, fuel suppliers and customers, and is critical to recovering from damage and resuming operations.

Every backup power system should be well maintained and tested periodically to ensure smooth operation for if and when it is needed. Plus, as your facility changes and grows over the years, it is essential to reevaluate backup energy capacity to ensure it meets current needs.

Reliable Backup Power Generators For The Oil And Gas Industry

oil and gas industriesThe oil and gas industry is one of the biggest providers of energy, but they also need backup power and backup generators in the case of an emergency. There are a wide range of backup generators and backup power solutions available, from diesel generators to natural gas generators and everything in between.

Keeping Operations Running No Matter What

One of the unique challenges that the oil and gas industry faces is severe storms and hurricanes. With many facilities on the Gulf Coast plus rigs in the Gulf itself, it is only a matter of time before a major storm blows through.

It doesn’t always take a major storm to knock out power. A minor incident or equipment failure can cause a chain reaction that brings down power to an entire facility. If your facility is running off of supplied power from a utility, then you are at the mercy of the utility's equipment and staff.

In short, putting a backup power system in place today will help ensure safe production in the future.

Where The Oil And Gas Industry Needs Backup Power

There are numerous oil and gas industry applications for backup power, including, but not limited to:

  • Gas compression
  • Land and offshre drilling and production
  • Well servicing
  • Workover rigs
  • Mechanical drives for cranes, fire pumps, fracturing, pumps
  • Generator sets and power modules
  • Safety equipment and monitoring devices
  • Pressure relief systems
  • Communications and alarming devices

A company that sells power generation equipment will be able to create custom backup power solutions for all of your business's applications. Having a wide range of diesel generatorsnatural gas generatorsEMD generators, and portable generators that can be configured into any number of targeted solution systems is crucial to ensuring every aspect of your business is covered in case of a power outage.

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