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Considerations When Buying A Used Generator

Providing for your power needs with a generator can keep your business running during emergencies. Since purchasing a generator can entail considerable expense, many industrial users look to the used generator market rather than buying a new model. When you purchase from a reliable equipment dealer such as Coastal Power and Equipment, you can obtain reliable equipment at a budget-friendly price.

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Backup Generators Protect Healthcare Facilities From Disaster

After Hurricane Irma touched down in Hollywood FL in September 2017, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, FL lost power. As a result, the air conditioning stopped working, which allowed the body temperature of some older residents to soar to106 or 107 degrees, which led to the death of 14 residents and 145 suffered from respiratory distress and other heat-related problems. The center immediately closed, and then governor Rick Scott signed legislation that required nursing homes and assisted living facilities to have functioning backup generators in case of power loss.

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Be Prepared For Bad Weather With Generators

Winter of 2016-17 Verifies The Need For Backup Generators

To prevent weather-related disaster at your business, it is important to select a generator with enough capability to continue your essential functions. When you are considering a generator, Houston-based Coastal Power and Equipment can help you evaluate your needs wherever you are located and then provide you with a new or used generator to do the job. For information, stop by our Houston location, call us at 281-962-1023, or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

As the winter of 2016-17 progresses, bad weather has led to widespread power outages. While some service disruptions resulted from heavy snow accumulations, frigid temperatures, wind, flooding, and ice accumulations have impacted many areas of the country. Power outages are costly to businesses which makes it necessary for any smart business to proactively plan ahead for their power needs during weather emergencies by having an effective system of backup generators.

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Generators Keep Small Businesses Running

What Small Businesses Should Know About Generators

Whether you are looking at a new or used portable or stand by generator, we promise you an excellent sales and service experience. We even rent equipment, as well as buy used equipment when it is time to upgrade. To get started, stop by our Houston location, call us at 281-962-1023, or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

Weather crises that hit a region are no respecters of persons or of businesses large or small, but small firms with one location are often especially hard hit. A bad storm can disable operations and productivity in several costly ways: it can stop your production, close your offices for a day or weeks, cut off your ability to communicate with customers, and damage climate-sensitive inventory. For even small businesses, the best way to protect your investment is with a generator that restores power during a crisis.

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Generators Ensure Food Safety During Power Outages

Protecting Food Storage During Power Outages

Based in Houston, we not only sell new and used equipment, but offer rentals and repair and maintenance services as well. For information, stop by our Houston location, call us at 281-962-1023, or visit the Coastal Power & Equipment website.

If you own a restaurant, bar, convenience store, grocery, or any other business that stores, sells, or serves food, a power outage can be disastrous. For many foodstuffs, refrigeration is not optional, and leaving it at room temperature can make it unsafe to eat. During the ferocious winter of 2016-17, power outages have been widespread throughout the country, a situation that should pose concern unless you have generators to back up your power from the grid and have a plan for preserving food safety during an outage.

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