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Buy & Sell Used Portable Generators From Coastal Power & Equipment In Houston, TX

we buy and sell used portable generatorsDowntime is the mortal enemy of a small business. When the power is out for days or even hours, sales, marketing, production, shipping, and administration come to a halt, which means that productivity and profits do too. To prevent loss during power outages, a portable generator is a reasonable solution for most businesses and a necessity for others. Current pricing makes them affordable, especially when a portable generator manages to pay for itself in one use. Additionally, there is a booming rental market for industrial and commercial portable generators to serve you in case of emergency.

Who Needs A Portable Generator?

Portable generators play particularly important roles with smaller businesses who need continuity during bad weather or other events that disrupt the power. Any business needs power to light, heat, and cool the area so employees can continue to work, but many businesses have extended needs:

  • Businesses that provide Internet-based services to their salesforce or customers
  • Restaurants and businesses dependent on refrigeration
  • Businesses that need electrical power outside
  • Businesses that utilize electronic cash registers and point-of-sale equipment

Virtually any small business is at risk without a source of backup power. As a business owner, you should carefully assess how long your business can survive without power and compare it to the frequency of power outages in your area. You may determine that you are safe taking your chances without a generator or that you need you need a temporary or permanent generator solution.

Planning For A Portable Generator

Rated by wattage, generators can accommodate all or part of your needs if they are the correct size. Most portable generators can accommodate a few pieces of equipment that plug directly into the unit; if you need more capacity, you might need a standby or permanent generator that is professionally installed.

The professionals at Coastal Power and Equipment can help you assess your power needs outlined in your emergency preparedness plan and determine the best type of generator to meet those needs. Even though a portable generator is not permanently wired into your electrical system, you should still check with an electrician who can determine what the electrical system of your building will accommodate.

We Sell New And Used Portable Generators

If you are considering buying or renting a new or used portable generator, Coastal Power and Equipment can help you determine the size and type of fuel that would work best for you. With a stock of new portable generators ranging in size from 20k W – 2000k W, Coastal Power can provide you with equipment that is inspected, load tested, and ready to go. We also sell used portable generators in the same capacity and are able to obtain one that is right for you from our network of contacts all across the country.

We Buy Used Portable Generators

If your needs have changed and you have a used portable generator for sale, we will make you an offer. We are always interested in increasing our stock of generators and will consider both working and nonworking equipment.

Portable Generator Rental

We also rent portable generators in the 20kW – 2000kW range at the best possible pricing.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need sales assistance for used generators or equipment, please call our Houston office at 281-962-1023.